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The longest-lasting, most durable, and lowest maintenance roofing option is sheet metal roofing. Metal roofing is typically recommended for buildings with a slope greater than 2 inches. Although metal has by far the longest lifespan of the different flat roofing materials, it is also the most expensive solution. The reason for the expense has mostly to due with the installation expertise that is demanded and the nature of the material.

While metal roofs are certainly strong and durable, they also reflect solar heat, which can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%. Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly as they’re made with 25-95% recycled materials. Rather than going to the dump at the end of their life, they can be recycled. Metal roofing offers an attractive, sleek look that’s ideal for our harsh Chicago climate. Sheet Metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and unlike traditional roofs, they will outlast any other roofing material.

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